ELIZA STANHOPE by Joanna Trollope


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Waterloo-day romance with battlefield overtones. When indolent but luscious Julia marries Richard Beaumont, a rich stuffed shirt, her young cousin Eliza Stanhope is enraged and insults Richard; she does not want to lose the companionship of her beloved Julia. But when Eliza meets Richard's soldier brother Felix, the little vixen is for once tongue-tied, for it's love at first sight. After an initial Beatrice-Benedict period, they declare their affections, only to find that all will not be well in the family: Felix's ogre father, General Beaumont, hates women and nearly kills Eliza by heaving a marble bust at her; and Julia reveals her true colors by running off with her husband's best friend. Moreover, Napoleon has escaped from Elba, so Felix and sundry others go off to Brussels to fight, and Eliza trails along, disguising herself as a boy so she can drop in at the battle of Waterloo and make sure that her husband's okay. Pressed into service as a nurse, she acquits herself bravely and does in fact manage to save Felix's life; she even overcomes the General's innate horridness, and the battlefield becomes a general family reunion with love conquering all. A spirited first effort.

Pub Date: March 16th, 1979
Publisher: Dutton