HONEYMOON FOR LIFE: How to Live Happily Ever After by Joanna Woolfolk

HONEYMOON FOR LIFE: How to Live Happily Ever After

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In between satisfying her husband astride a vibrating washing machine (""talk about dual action"") and rescuing her friends' faltering marriages, for which she receives extravagant testimonials, the author putters haphazardly through Marabel Morgan country, with exercises to strengthen the buttocks muscles, advice about the most effective vibrators, and techniques for constructive quarreling. The book peddles a tired truism--""Don't be his wife, be his lover""--and seeks to alleviate the marital doldrums by prescribing ""Vitamin S--sensuality."" Scornful of the ""prudery"" that inhibits wives from turning on with hubby at the neighborhood porn flicks (""Many women find that it's a pleasant way to learn""), the author exerts a great deal of grunting effort on the cataloging of effective touching procedures, and often makes it sound as if divorce follows directly from such follies as a sparsely decorated bedroom. The key to generating excitement, she insists, is to sidestep the pitfall of predictability. We couldn't agree more.

Pub Date: June 22nd, 1979
Publisher: Stein & Day