STOCK MARKET ABC by Joanne & Jean Neal Friedlander


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This might go in some youngster's Christmas stocking along with a few shares of AT&T and a broker's brochure. It's almost as simple as ABC--a breezy orientation for beginning investors, not quite bull but definitely bullish. Covered succinctly are the relative advantages of different kinds of stock (preferred vs. common, blue chip to bonanza), the processing of a purchase order (via the New York Stock Exchange, and view thereof), how other exchanges and the over-the -counter market operate (including mutual funds), plumbing the financial page and (very briefly) an annual report. All this is mechanical, and efficiently set forth; the few references to economic factors are so superficial as to be worthless. The Sobol Stocks and Bonds (1963) is more business-like and better suited to assignments; this is the lure that it looks to be, from the fellow plunging in on the cover to the stockbroker-guide as a knight in armor.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1969
Publisher: Follett