THE MARRIAGE SAVERS by Joanne & Lew Koch


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This is intended as a ""consumer shopping"" guide of the services available to all those unhappily married people, although according to a Virginia-Slims Roper poll, marriage is still the objective of 96 percent--it should just be a better kind of marriage. Urn. This also reveals the kinds of sources the Kochs use (anything from the cigarette poll above to a Playboy Foundation study to Open Marriage to good old Paul Popenoe) in their preliminary primer of the types of therapies available, be they bioenergetics or encounter group. On to family therapy, or the sex clinic. For the most part the authors are non-judgmental but questions do linger in the air over group sex or sex surrogates. In between the descriptive rather than directive survey of the choices available, there are a lot of cassette case histories. At the end there's a capricious list of where to secure treatment--New York City for instance offers the Nathan Ackerman Family Institute or one Joseph Giordano, Ph.D. of the American Jewish Committee while standard good, long-established facilities such as the Karen Homey or William Alanson White Institutes are distinguished by their absence.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1975
Publisher: Coward McCann & Geoghegan