HAVE YOU SEEN ROADS? by Joanne Oppenheim


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The playfully paced onomatopoetic text is patterned after Have You Seen Trees? and . . . Birds? but the design(er) makes this a very different product. Mr. Nook has not only selected apposite photos and laid them out expressively, he's made every standard component of the book count: the front flap closes in on a crowded intersection, the photo credits form a table of contents as well as a list of sources. Roads range from city streets to country lanes to turnpikes (""mile by mile. . . it's all alike"") to intersections (""then Suddenly. . . roadways and ramps twist together""); from bridge roads to tunnel roads to desert roads to mountain roads; from ""liquid-lapping/ salty-slapping,/ tossing white-capped sea roads"" to ""Locks-that-link-large-lake-roads"" to ""flyway, highway, sky roads."" Occasionally the wordplay is obtrusive, occasionally it jars with the straightforward photos. But there's a swing to the verse that matches the expansiveness, even exuberance of the illustrations--or the other way around; either way, it has a certain zing.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1969
Publisher: Young Scott