WHITECAP'S SONG by Jocelyn Arundel
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The pungent flavor of the Bahamas permeates this vivid tale of a poor boy doubly blessed with a gift for making music and a love for horses. The two are mutually exclusive in this particular case, for Lonzo is asked to choose between them. As a worker on the crayfish loading docks of Grand Cay, Lonzo divides his spare time between racing Whitecap, the wild and beautiful gray mare bequeathed to him by chance, and creating lovely songs on his old guitar. When Fortuno Curly, the happy-go-lucky Spaniard from Nassau offers him a chance to own a new Spanish guitar in exchange for Whitecap, Lonzo is faced with his dilemma. The destruction of his old guitar leads him to an uneasy but necessary decision. Accompanied by Mr. Curly, new guitar in hand, Lonzo auditions for a bandleader at a Nassau hotel. He is sensational. Now at least he can earn money doing what he loves most. When the bandleader offers Mr. Curly a unique opportunity to travel the island taping authentic folk music, the Spaniard no longer has need of Whitecap and Lonzo retrieves him for cash. An idealized solution -- not often borne out by life -- but a truly delightful story filled with the rhythms of island life.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1962
Publisher: McGraw-Hill-Whittlesey