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THE SNAKE WHO SAID SHHH... by Jodie Parachini


From the QEB Storytime series

by Jodie Parachini ; illustrated by Gill McLean

Pub Date: July 1st, 2015
ISBN: 978-1-60992-725-7
Publisher: QEB Publishing

Who ever heard of a snake that can’t hiss?

When he is born, Seth is eagerly welcomed by his mother and the other jungle animals. Then he says his first word: “Shhhhhhh!”—which is met with surprise and derision by all but his mother (“I think you sssound beautiful,” she says). Colorful illustrations of the friendly, childlike animals spill across the pages, while the embarrassed baby snake slithers quietly into his hole and the jungle’s other occupants begin to discuss what sort of gift they’ll give him. Should it be a toothbrush? A feather? A branch? A tasty morsel? Maybe a party? Loud squabbling ensues, until Seth pops back up. Is there anything he can do? And what exactly would he like for a present? Young readers and listeners will enjoy the gently humorous story and identify with the shy snake’s first challenge. This warm and comforting book about embracing individuality and respecting others includes extension ideas for parents and teachers so that children can investigate and further explore the messages contained therein.

A satisfying jungle tale for young readers and listeners.

(Picture book. 2-5)