THE GAME AND THE GLORY by Joe--Ed. Reichler


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As compiled by the Special Assistant to Baseball Commissioner Bowie Kuhn, this is an official commemorative pictorial featuring assorted tidbits from the likes of James Michener, Edwin Newman, Joe Garagiola, George Plimpton, and Harry Reasoner. The sport's most illustrious stars and their feats are saluted here, there, and everywhere. There's also a listing of major league team histories as well as a capsule summary of dynasties past and present (e.g., the Baltimore Orioles of 1894-98, the Ruth-Gehrig Yankees and the current Oakland A's). Included among the few significant pieces are Dick Schaap's description of the 1975 World Series as seen through the eyes of Massachusetts Congressman Tip O'Neill; Joseph Durso's ""Baseball as a Part of Americana""; and Al Silverman's reminiscences of a game which helps ""bind the generations together."" This mildly diverting Bicentennial-prompted hodgepodge can only be enhanced by its 150 pages of color photographs.

Pub Date: May 28th, 1976
Publisher: Prentice-Hall