FOGARTY & CO. by Joe Flaherty


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Fogarty, given name Shamus, nickname Sham, is one of those recurrent gingermen and in his own right a rogue spirit indulging in boozy revelries and reveries. Re his activities as a bilker, a womanizer, a weeper (""Sam, Godotit, you made the pain too long""), seducer, husband of Matty and father of Tyrone -- abandoned, lover of Claudia whom he meets at parties -- she's as ""omnipresent as the cheese dip"" -- and a woman of greater all-purpose competence than Matty (after all ""to say that Matty was sloppy would be to insult the woman's genius""), and for a time he is a successful sculptor in wood tagged as ""Whittler's father."" Fogarty walks the dark streets of Brooklyn and Greenwich Village and Flaherty, the Voice New Journalist (Managing Mailer, 1970) has invested his story with a genuine Erin go braghadoccio and considerable humor even if it consists only of a little this and that.

Pub Date: Jan. 5th, 1972
Publisher: Coward, McCann & Geoghegan