ROBAK'S RUN by Joe L. Hensley


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Small-town midwestern lawyer Don Robak (Robak's Firm, Robak's Fire, etc.) reluctantly agrees to defend habitual criminal Stanley Willetts, who's charged with the murder of his estranged wife Honey. That's case #l. Meanwhile, Robak also agrees to go searching for the long-vanished daughter of old, ailing Judge Steinmetz, his mentor and colleague. That's case #2. So: will cases #1 and #2 somehow intersect? They will indeed--and that's the modest allure in this otherwise thin and unappealing episode. Robak's hunt for the missing (and perhaps now-kidnapped) Gail Marie Steinmetz takes him up to Capitol City, a mean and seedy place--especially in the areas where Gall Marie was last seen. (She's apparently heavily into the drugs and lesbian-bar scene.) Eventually, back in the countryside, he invades the hide-out of a vicious lesbian gang-leader and winds up trussed and tortured. . .before a derring-do finale in a treacherous quarry. But the action remains oddly uninvolving, the villainous lesbians are cartoonishly overdrawn, and only those partial to Robak's laconic, faintly droll narration will hang around for the neat, half-satisfying wrap-up.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1990
Publisher: Doubleday