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Living that is ridden and riddled by a split, double, standard is that of Peter Cody whose Monday through Friday working week is in the chips of an expense account and whose family weekends are low level, debt clouded and painful. Promotion Manager of the Cartwright Tool and Products Company he is handed a hot assignment when he is to assist the current (female) Cartwright to set up a company centennial and gets the chance to decide ""if a man has to be a son of a bitch just to survive"" and takes another way out. His path to his decision takes in the pandering necessary for the company's biggest customer, the alcoholic career of an associate, the economic tightrope of a wife and family, and the chance to out, for big money, to the ruin of the company. A desperate integrity him from an split pocketbook life when he realizes that it in not entirely the professional expense account but the ability to control it -- and that it is not for him. An on the line, current interest theme which makes the most of its subject and its less savory aspects.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1958
Publisher: Random House