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Cole Brogan is on a drunken binge following the death of his girl, when friend Michael DeBoucherin of Interpol requests his help. A consortium of terrorists, once funded by Russia, has been robbing European banks and jewelers to support their work. But they haven't the smarts for real crime and so have banded together to make one big killing for which they need an underwater demolitions expert. Brogan fills the bill, and so DeBoucherin insinuates him undercover into the gang, which is led by ex-Mafia hood Anguili. They are hitting the Swedish National Bank in Stockholm, which has a bricked-up river entrance, for one and a half billion U.S. dollars in Eurobonds. But--will Brogan survive the heist, once his skill has been tapped? The icy underwater job has its tensions as does skirting the several elaborate security systems once the team is inside. The great surprise, after long hours of penetrating the bank, is that the Eurobonds are not paper but a credit program on the bank's computer. When the terrorists try to kill Brogan, he escapes with the billion-dollar data tape, and it's odd man out as the wounded agent sneaks around wintry Stockholm with the help of pretty nurse Helga. Soon he's aware of being the object of a triple-cross by way of Anguili, DeBoucherin, and Helga herself. Not much new about that--but Poyer does keep his hero jumping from frying pan to frying pan, in a frisky but fairly mindless manner.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1978
Publisher: Atheneum