LOVE AND PASTA by Joe Vergara


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Its a no good; itsa malo dat da Italian Anti-Defamation League no ripa dis inta spaget. Taka cutsa Pop, he no unnerstan money, alla craza Americ ways, worka alla day over da shoes, makesa garden, makesa da bigga spich ever time Mom spendsa money, play de Italiano games witta friends, ever tima he remin' of lilla village he come from in Italia. Taka Mom, she cooka bella, sewa good, can twista Pop around her lilla finger; she crossa herself when coma to think of poor ladies a working. Taka lilla boys-how they lova Mom and Pop-howa Pop and Mom lova dem! Ona boy growsa up to writa about Mom and Pop--itsa all so fulla lova but he stola Mom an' Pop fromma Buitoni box.

Pub Date: June 5th, 1968
Publisher: Harper & Row