THE ART OF MEDITATION by Joel S. Goldsmith


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Nobody,"" says the author ""could earnestly follow for any length of time the instruction in meditation as set forth in this book without noticing a change of a radical spiritual nature"". When we have learned to value the Christ, we see Him as He is, ""and God appears as the wholeness, the abundance, the harmony, the peace and the joy of our experience"". Author Goldsmith divides his exposition of meditation into three parts:- the practice, the experience and the fruits of meditation. He urges the reader to practise meditation at least twice daily and to turn to the kingdom of God within himself, to listen to the still small voice where ""truth leaves the mind and enters the heart"" becoming ""a living thing within our being,"" the purpose being to attain divine Grace, to realize God, to turn from human things to the Infinite Invisible. With the object of listening to the still small voice one should consider any facet of spiritual truth proper subject for meditation. The most worthwhile part of the book is the section of ten meditations the author includes, on ""spiritual facets"" he has chosen from Biblical texts. The fruits of our meditation will be spiritual living wherein we depend on divine guidance rather than human judgment. And, believes the author, those who recognize the Risen Christ should show others the way. Over-repetitious in its first and third parts, the book will be valuable to serious laymen for its way to meditation and the meditations themselves.

Publisher: Harper