GRIM FAIRY TALES for Adults by Joel Wells


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Onc* *p*n a t*m* a presumably young, incorrigibly rash but talented man named Joel Wells wondered what might happen if some favorite nurserytales were to be retold by modern authors. Then he decided to show what they might have come up with and here is the result: The Night Thoughts of Cinderella by ""J*m*s J*yc*,"" Hansel and Gretel by ""J. D. S*l*ng*r,"" Goldilocks and the Three Bears by ""T*nn*ss** W*ll**ms,"" The Three Pigs by ""*v*ly* W**gh,"" Rumplestiltskin the Goldmaker by ""S**l B*ll*w,"" Peter Rabbit by ""J*hn *pd*k*,"" Three Billygoats Gruff by ""**n Fl*m*ng,"" Sleeping Beauty by ""J*hn *H*r*,"" Who Killed Cock Robin? by ""*yn R*nd,"" Little Red Riding Hood by ""*dw*rd *lb**,"" Jack and the Giant by Gr*h*m penned by Gr**ne,"" Peter Pan by ""*. *. H*tchn*r,"" Beowulf by ""M*lc*lm M*gg*r*dg*,"" Winnie the Pooh by ""Fl*nn*ry *C*nn*r,"" with an introduction by none other than ""N*rm*n M**l*r."" What happened to Joel Wells? He became a literary cocktail party conversation piece and lived happily *v*r *ft*r. Th* *nd.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1967
Publisher: Macmillan