ALDO ICE CREAM by Johanna Hurwitz


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Aldo Sossi, as readers know by now, is a nine-year-old who cares--so it's not surprising, here, to find him going around with his mother to deliver Meals-on-Wheels to shut-in oldsters and getting a response from silent Mr. Puccini (who keeps fish, a natural bond with nature-lover Aldo) or, less auspiciously, taking one of his cats, via bike (""animals-on-wheels""), to visit now-catless Mrs. Nardo. He's also sympathetic, as a fellow-ice-cream-fancier, to sister Karen's yen for a home freezer; but how to earn all of $49.95? Before the answer appears--in the form, largely and inspiredly, of a local shoe store's ""grubby-sneaker contest""--the story does sag a little. But that's only because the overall level of warmth, invention, and characterful exchanges is so high.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1981
Publisher: Morrow