RUSSELL SPROUTS by Johanna Hurwitz


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Third in the appealing chapter book series about Russell, who's now in first grade. These stories might even cause an adult to remember what it's like to be six: hoping a friend's mother won't buy the wrong kind of soda at the movies and ruin the whole afternoon; feeling how satisfying it is to say a bad word in front of your parents, then feeling baffled by their negative response; being deeply humiliated when your seed won't grow when everybody else's has sprouted long ago. Russell's comic incidents include not wanting to wear his tiger pajamas to school for Halloween because two of his friends know they're not really a costume; Russell giving his parents a report card when his mother doesn't let him have as many cookies as he'd like (""Cookys Needs Improvement""), and his father insisting on watching a news special on television (""TV Needs Improvement""). Fast-paced, funny, and unusually well observed. Children will enjoy hearing this read as well as reading it themselves. Russell's old fans will be pleased; these stories should draw new ones.

Pub Date: Sept. 15th, 1987
Page count: 80pp
Publisher: Morrow