POVERTY OF SPIRIT by Johannes Baptist Metz
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The concept of ""poverty of spirit"" is an elusive one which has often been defined in accordance with the needs of the definer rather than with the norms of ascetic theology. This small book--little more, really, than a long essay -- goes a long way toward dispelling that sometimes intentional ambiguity. What Metz means by poverty of spirit is not primarily detachment from worldly goods (""the spirit of poverty""), or even an irrational humility, but an acknowledgement of man's total dependence upon his Creator for everything that he is and has. It is a realistic humility, based upon self-knowledge and upon a recognition of man's place in the universe. The author develops his theme simply, convincingly, and often charmingly -- so much so that Poverty of Spirit may well become one of the minor classics of modern spirituality. It is superior material for meditation or spiritual reading, as suitable for Protestants as for Catholics.

Pub Date: Sept. 12th, 1968
ISBN: 0809137992
Publisher: Newman