MEN BEHIND THE WAR by Johannes Steel


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A well-known radio commentator presents a who's who of the policy makers of the Second World War against an introductory background in which he analyzes some of the causes which led to the war, and charges the United States and Great Britain with the abrogation of the Versailles Treaty through not enforcing its provisions and thereby permitting Germany and Japan to prepare for another war. It was a singularly fair treaty, compared with others its one real fault was economic. Today the Atlantic Charter binds us to avoidance of a recurrence of that fault. Education to better conception of recall attitudes is another vital factor in the peace ahead. He accepts no halfway mark to victory -- no appeasement nor betrayal a political second front must override the men who desire the maintenance of the status quo. We can make the next century the People's Century. In his brief, crisp and often critical biographies, he includes -- and gives stress to --some figures not widely known such as Sir James Grigg in England, Shapochnikov in Russia, and Losovaki, vicecommissar for Foreign Affairs. But in the main, the men (and women) he has chosen are the obvious ones about which most of us think we know more than we do because their names are headlined. There is nothing very startling -- but the material should be useful for reference.

Publisher: Sheridan House