THE FUTURE OF EUROPE by Johannes Steel
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An informed, inquiring survey of the face of Europe and the individual problems each nation presents as determined by her particular past history, her geography, her potential. And, in spite of the title, here are no positive solutions, but rather estimates ""offered with diffidence"" -- giving in concise form much that is complex and confused. Poland, and her policy of balance between Russia and Germany which has proved a misconception -- the problems of boundaries and land ownership and land reform -- the reactionary forces in her government in exile; the Balkans, their intricate history, divers peoples, economic misery, whose future is best represented in the Partisan and Liberation Front movements with a Balkan Federation the one hope; the Baltic States and Finland, which owes more to the Soviet than any other country but which has been subsidized in her anti-Soviet policy by England, France, Germany; Czechoslovakia, the Utopia of Europe, balanced and progressive; Germany, her origins of Prussianism, the economic co of the cartel which must be broken, the persistent Pan-Germanism which must be deleted once and for all, and the possibility of a federation of small German states; France, and her 200 families who opened the way to Fascism, her need for public works, industrialization; and lastly the role of the churches in and after the war. A critical, composite analysis which is highly informative and interesting.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1945
Publisher: Henry Holt