INSIDE ASIA:  Edition Completely Revised by John
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INSIDE ASIA: Edition Completely Revised

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The record which John Gunther's revisions of Inside Europe have rolled up in sales makes the realize that a new edition in this case -- must be treated as virtually a new publication. At the present moment, a revision of Inside Asia seems imperative, and yet as it comes off the press, the section on India already needs revision (Perhaps before the final proofs are pulled that revision will be made, or at least, a supplementary paragraph added.) It is a tribute to the quality of the original text that the changes have not needed to be drastic. Additions, yes -- but only occasionally revisions of basic background facts or Interpretation. Gunther clarified the complicities of Asia for me as no writer before or since has done. His book has served as a springboard and background for the over increasing literature on the subject in the past three years. Skimming it again, to ascertain the changes, I have found it still essentially good reading, and have been able to dovetail other lately acquired facts (from the daily history of the war, and extensive reading) into his picture. There have been some significant changes of chapter heads,in themselves slightly changing the focus: there have been some new chapters inserted (Pearl Harbor and the ), many chapters have had paragraphs and whole sections inserted, in some cases to bring the history up to the minute, in some cases to expand what may become of increasing importance. Where factual changes are not pertinent to the main body of the text, footnotes are added. The chapters dealing with India prove his perspicacity and needed less change than I should have expected. It is an excellent piece of blue pencilling, expansion, interlinear editing. And the book should move on to new highs as a result.

Pub Date: April 15th, 1942
Publisher: Harper