THE TWO CITIES: Christian Faith Series by John A. Hutchison

THE TWO CITIES: Christian Faith Series

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The object of study in this book is the relation of Christianity to politics. ""It has grown out of the conviction"", says Dr. Hutchison, ""That there is a significant relation between the fundamental values engendered by the Judeo-Christian tradition of religion and ethics and the urgent problems of contemporary politics"". There follows an historical and philosophical account of the nature of the city of man and the City of God, and the necessary, if not always recognized, relationship between the two, spelled out by St. Augustine, and exemplified in Christian experience since. The book is addressed to two types of readers, men of true piety and devotion who do not see with any clarity that their faith entails social and political consequences, and those men of intelligence and good-will, deeply devoted to democracy, freedom and human brotherhood, but without understanding or appreciation of Biblical faith. The thought of the book is the author's answer to such questions as readers such as these might raise. He does a good job; the thinking is cogent and closely packed. Not intended to meet a popular demand, it will still fill a real need as a wise and responsible statement of an urgent matter that is of increasing concern to thinking people.

Pub Date: June 20th, 1957
Publisher: Doubleday