UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse by John A. Keel

UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse

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The flying saucers do not come from some Buck Rogers-type civilization on some distant planet. They are our next-door neighbors, part of another space-time continuum where life, matter, and energy are radically different than ours."" Mr. Keel, who has spent four years, ""seven days a week without a vacation,"" investigating the UFO phenomena, comes up with a conclusion similar to Jacques Vallee's recent Passport to Magonia. But Mr. Vallee passed his off as inspired fantasy and Mr. Keel is deadly earnest. And it's a new vision of heaven and hell and the elements therein. Supported by a questionable variety of witnesses, including some cult fanatics that Mr. Keel admits are sometimes prone to speculation: ""Later, contactees began to whisper to local UFO investigators that the real John Keel had been kidnapped by a flying saucer and that a cunning android who looked just like me had been substituted in my place."" Mr. Keel himself believes in little Orientallooking men who drive around in black Cadillacs and intimidate the curious. Would you?

Pub Date: May 15th, 1970
Publisher: Putnam