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THE DEATH OF TOMORROW by John A. & R.D.E. Rumsey Loraine



Pub Date: Nov. 13th, 1972
Publisher: Lippincott

Dr. Loraine, the principal author, refers to himself as a ""doomwatcher"" who has only ""gloomy lucubrations"" to offer about the future of our water, land, air, food, and population. An Englishman by nationality, an endocrinologist by profession, an environmentalist by conviction, and an alarmist by instinct (""death of tomorrow"" accurately reflects his ecological position), Loraine is out of the Ehrlich school which still dings to the post-Malthusian view that human fecundity is the biosphere's public enemy number one, despite some very creditable refutations by such respected commentators as Barry Commoner. The familiar problems are recycled through Loraine's prism -- carbon monoxide and lead foul our air, crashing noise leaves us psychicially and literally deaf, pesticides threaten our tissue, radioactive waste seeps into our genetic process, litter engulfs our cities, and Loraine bores on and on. Overpopulation dogs our future; Spaceship Earth is reproducing itself to death. It's been said many, many times before, and Dr. Loraine, who has nothing to add, is guilty of both reductionism and redundancy.