HONEST TO GOD by John A. T. Robinson
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This is the American edition of an S.C.M. paperback already published in England. There it has stirred up a hornet's nest of criticism which seems to be mostly hostile, for it questions many of the traditional beliefs and practices of the Christian religion as it has been conventionally lived for centuries. That the Anglican Bishop of Woolwich should have written it has led many of his critics to suggest strongly that the church retire him to private life where he can no longer officially tamper with the faith of their fathers. The reading of this book in America will probably not stir up so ardent a reaction, but it may be significant Antioch, second of the Apostolic Fathers; St. Basil the Great, Father of Eastern Monks; St. Gregory the Enlightener, Apostle of Armenia; St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church: St. Pulcheria, Empress of Constantinople; and St. John the Almsgiver, Patriach of Alexandria (to cite a few). Then he introduces his readers to the comparatively little known Venerable Meknitar of Sivas, Blessed Gabra Michael and Matthew Gregory Nakkar who lived after the breach between East and West occurred during the Middle Ages. Short biographies of three contemporary Marmonites of the past century -- whose cases have been presented to Rome for beatification -- round out these fascinating accounts in a very worth while book.

ISBN: 0664224229
Publisher: Westminster