ENDANGERED PREDATORS by John & Aleta Pahl Harris


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Harris, whom you might have seen on TV or at one of his ""meetings,"" is the man who traveled about with Canadian timber wolves Jethro and Clem, soliciting support for the misunderstood species--until the two were senselessly poisoned one night in 1973. Their fame will no doubt add extra appeal to these five ""stories"" which depict the everyday lives and behavior of as many predatory animals. Harris and Pahl do well with the common technique of portraying a species via one fictional representative, and their message is never obtrusive; they simply point out in context that wolves help keep the moose population healthy; that the rancher who traps an adult coyote here and kills two cubs with fire, and the farmer who sets traps and sends hounds after the bobcat, don't realize the service these animals perform; and that humans who wear beautiful fox coats don't stop to think that the coats are ""even more beautiful on the foxes where they belong."" Certainly Harris and Pahl's subjects are no longer slighted in children's books, but readers who don't want a whole volume on each or any predator will find several decently treated here.

Pub Date: May 14th, 1976
Page count: 96pp
Publisher: Doubleday