DIPPER OF COPPER CREEK by John and Jean George


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Again the amazingly detailed observational powers of the George's emerge to excite anyone with the least interest in the out-of-doors. This time the story is of the water ouzel, a bird of the Colorado Rockies who lives a precarious life in waterfalls and stream beds, actually nesting in the rocks behind the gushing streams of water. The thread of plot is carried through the doings of young Doug, who comes to visit his grandfather Whispering Bill, an old ex-prospector. At first, Doug's interest is in finding a lost gold mine but gradually, nature's wonders take precedence. He begins to notice the activities of Cinclus, the dipper bird, follows the growth of his family, helps re one of them and as the summer progresses, the minutely described life of the creek takes on a fascination more sparkling than the elusive mine.

Publisher: Dutton