HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS: In The Family, In Friendship, In Love by

HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS: In The Family, In Friendship, In Love

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Dr. Bertine, a Jungian analyst, brings a deep knowledge of, and experience in, analytical psychology to her study of human relationships. Her book is a personal one in the sense that she does not sacrifice to theoretical explanations, the insights which the recounting of experience offers. Her book is mainly composed then, not of ""cases"", but of particular examples she has met in 35 years of practice which will highlight and point up the theory to which she subscribes. She talks, in the section on the family, of the mother and father archetypical situations which are decisive in effect on personality and relationships. She stresses the importance of understanding the role of animus and anima for achieving a rapport between the sexes. With the exception of ""The Individual and the Group"", all the chapters are treated in a personal manner because they concern relationships, intimate and influential, between individuals. She writes with clarity and compassion without forsaking intelligence. The book, which is not addressed exclusively to the student of psychology, includes a preface by Dr. Jung.

Publisher: Longmans, Green