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The title and the subject and the times will sell this book, if only for the hope that it will reveal a blue print of Stalin's future progress, as in the case of Hitler. It is an able scissors and paste job, coordinating speeches, articles, interviews in such a way that Stalin's revolutionary, domestic and international program emerge. Necessarily redundant, somewhat wordy, but through it the man emerges, and the wide breach between theory and fact. He condemns himself out of his own mouth. Part I deals with revolution, from the propagandist orations of 1905 on; part II shows the revolutionary process of creating the ideal state, part III deals with the politics of communism, the fourth part with international relations, proclaiming his aim pacific, a non-agressor nation with no territorial ambitions. Rhetoric plus -- but Stalin is a more astute politician than Hitler and cleverly camouflages the falsities.

Pub Date: March 25th, 1940
Publisher: Howell, Soskin & Co.