O WESTERN WIND by John Anthony Devon


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History with a different angle to the view, this travels from Cornwall to the hard won colony at Plymouth and takes a new look at well established New England figures. Standish is a shrimp and bad tempered; Morton, who broke away from stern Puritan concepts, becomes a liberal with unacceptable ideas of treating Indians as equals; Carver's dedicated kindliness is lost when Bradford takes over. Damon Fairon, a farm hand, loves and saves his master's daughter, Sapphira, fights Degory who loves her in quite another way, and runs away when he thinks he has killed Degory. He sails with the Manflower and gives his devotion to the new land; he becomes the friend of the young Indian Samoset, hears the first dreams of parliaments and federations with the Indians and areas their workings, after he leaves Plymouth, in Morton's Merry Mount, at Wolleston. Tried, with Morton, he is tracked down by Sapphira and they make their escape to Cape Anne where they are pursued by Degory whose final bravery saves the little community. Facts compounded by action, an old setting with different lighting, this rouses pale shades to somewhat unexpected vigor.

Publisher: Putnam