BARBARY HOARD by John Appleby


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A treasure hunt, which follows a precarious to dangerous course from England to Algiers as an untrusting, untrustworthy company follow the gleam of a cache of jewels secured and secreted by the Barbary corsairs. Stephen Brandon, a financially unsteady film magnate, Sarah, his daughter, and Martin, the provincial professor who has fallen in love with her, attempt to reach the treasure ahead of Hunter, and his gang, who through the kidnapping of Sarah had obtained the clue to its whereabouts as a ransom. Once in Algiers, both groups are forced into an uneasy partnership; their search, through the mountains, ends in a cave where they find an immeasureable, priceless collection of jewels; their getaway provokes an Arab attack in which one of them is killed; and finally, when Brandon is willing to sacrifice their lives to safeguard their stake, Martin jettisons the jewels but retrieves his girl.... A blithe blend of adventure and adversity, and undemanding entertainment.

Pub Date: Feb. 28th, 1952
Publisher: Coward-McCann