COURT CLOWN by John arson


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In creating the character of Charlie Sands, Mr. Carson has come up with a classic little sports story which young boys will read once with great enthusiasm, and probably a second time just to enjoy Charlie's unusual successes again. When the ugly, red- headed bandy-legged runt came out for varsity basketball, everybody thought it was a thoughtless, misdirected joke. The high school coach was annoyed at first to be put in the position of having to tolerate Charlie-- Charlie stumbling ever his feet, barely keeping up with the ball, dribbling and shooting without control; Charlie who could miraculously weave in and out of players and shoot a basket which looked like a mistake. But, despite jeers and digs, Charlie kept his humor, and gave basketball his all. It is an incredible story, perhaps not totally realistic, but the result is so satisfying that the reader is willing to believe what seems almost impossible. Here is a story which never loses momentum and which has all the elements necessary to make a good sports story and a fine book-- well-developed characters, a lively, smooth style, natural dialogue, and a plot and sub-plot which move along at reakneck speed to a climax.

Pub Date: Aug. 7th, 1963
Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Co.