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The many friends of John Baillie throughout the world will treasure this posthumous collection of devotional essays which reflect so much of the deep spirituality and warm humanity of the man they have come to know especially through his Diary of Private Prayer (Scribner- 1949). Here he shares with his readers ""The Pattern of Holiness"", ""Ways of Listening"", ""To Pray and not to Faint"", ""Christian Vigilance"", ""One Thing is Needful"", ""His Immemorial Plan"", ""The Theology of Sleep"" and other chapters about the spiritual life of man which, while based on a secure exacting scholarship that made other theologians his companions, and which speak of and to God as a man speaks to his nearest and dearest, he yet addresses himself to the common needs of the common man so that all may share with delight his uncommon wisdom, glad to make him the spokesman of their need and desire. One of the most appealing chapters in the book is the first, ""A Cousin's Memories"", which tells movingly of the life of John Baillie as a family man, a scholar, a teacher, and man of God loved and respected the world over. No more perfect gift among those who value the things of the spirit can be found.

Publisher: Scribner