OLD MAN CROW'S BOY by John Baumann
Kirkus Star


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The story of a boyhood in Idaho that makes a corking outdoor book for men of all ages. For here is his growing up under the tutelage of two older brothers, a perfectionist father, the expert teaching of Frenchy who knew everything about trapping and hunting, and the casual indoctrination of his father's old friends, -- Foggy, the blacksmith, Tatum the storekeeper, pictured vividly and missing none of the adventures in ranching, hunting, fishing, trapping the Sprout enjoyed. From becoming an expert cowboy, on to jobs that would earn him the thoroughbreds he coveted, he became through his fame as a tracker, a deputy sheriff. Wild horses, salmon, goats, lion, bear, sheep and of course cattle and more horses- these were the things he knew and of which he writes so well. The Malad River Basin is the setting. A natural for sportsmen.

Publisher: Morrow