A GIFT FOR GOMALA by John Baxler


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This is a realistic, closely told novel about the workings of the U.S. State Department When a newspaper suggests that the brand new African Republic of Gomala, a jungle territory, given millions for development by the government, the Department gathers itself to fight a stalling battle. The backgrounds, qualifications and private lives of departmental personnel are shown in a long series of conferences, phone calls and flashing. Robinson is a willing young man on the rise; his bride Jule is about to affair with a former beau, Charles Pomeroy; Chad's chief, Spence is keeping the status Gomala in various conferences, and is having an affair with his secretary, , but his wife suspects that he is involved with Jule, and throws him of the Julie, discovering she is pregnant, has rejected Charles to return who meanwhile has been seduced by Bea. This intricate human comedy, however, is only a for the machinations overhead among Senators, newsmen, Department men and various private speculators who want Gomala for themselves. There are press conferences Gomala Minister, a shrewd and marvelous Oxford African; there are scenes in Gomala itself, and the whole complex bubble collapses as a revolution begins. The book is almost but it is a very real, knowledgeable and rather dizzying picture of both human and democratic .

Pub Date: March 28th, 1962
Publisher: Lippincott