ALL BRAVE SAILORS: The Story of the SS Becker T. Washington by John Beecher

ALL BRAVE SAILORS: The Story of the SS Becker T. Washington

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This was a Liberty ship whose Captain was a Negro and whose diverse crew members proved that a common job can eradicate all prejudice. Through the life stories of skipper, steward, Chips, cadets and others there is proof that Jim Crow is a straw man who can be demolished by group pride, that discrimination need not be practiced and can be overcome. The unique ship gained an international reputation for its true democracy, its evidence of human brotherhood, not only in theory but in practice. Even in close quarters under constant danger, the Book T. Washington taught lessons of concord, afloat and ashore, to transport troops, Navy crews, Nazi prisoners, brass hats; she was -- and is --powerful in spreading her spirit of equality, human rights, solidarity and integrity. On the ready to combat dis-unity through prejudice, quick to underline the contribution the NMU has made in its decision to send out a mixed crew, quietly insistent on the importance of her success.

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1945
Publisher: L.B. Fischer