DON JUANEEN by John Broderick


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An acute portrait of some inconsequential characters in Dublin reveals a perceptive, penetrating talent. John Quill, a sizable, dreamy man from the Midlands is married to Sybil, some ten years his senior, whose conception of their financial circumstances has remained aloof of actuality long after her dowry has dwindled away. John borrows from his friend of thirty years' standing, Philip, still seen as the golden boy, but who performs in less than golden fashion by seducing John's daughter Caroline. It is up to the vicious, elderly Miss Blake to make certain that all concerned know of the affair, which in the end cannot be hushed up completely anyway--Caroline is pregnant. John meantime, for all his lovingly related insinuations of his wild ways with the women has remained chaste against the libidinous Miss Lee who pursues him in that most sacred of male precincts, the pub. Mr. Broderick is a skilled, even sympathetic, vivisectionist.

Pub Date: Oct. 5th, 1965
Publisher: Obolensky