APPLE ON A PEAR TREE by John Burress


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The place is a farm in Cedar Grove, Tennessee; the time is 1925, and the story belongs to Jeff Singleton, Jeff who is at an ambivalent stage in which he wants to grow up very quickly (he is eleven) but he also wants to be babied. When his mother remarries a one-armed man named Ola Pierce, Jeff, his brother, and their three sisters move to a new farm and a new life. A special problem for Jeff is his thirteen year old brother Bud, whose two years seem to give him so many privileges. Ola's farm is large and lush, and everyone is satisfied except Jeff, who tends to be petulant and demanding. But Ola, an understanding man, is able to wear him down and even brings him to the acceptance of a new baby. Jeff's life also includes more normal happenings; he goes to school, dreams of farming, has friends, falls in the river, loves his dog, and watches the seasons.... A quiet, gentle picture of family life on a farm, this conveys the wholesome world of the outdoors as well as some sensitive perceptions on the inner life of a child. By the author of Little Mule.

Publisher: Vanguard