THE SUNSET LAW by John Buxton Hilton


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Now-retired Suprintendent Kenworthy goes astray this time--with an odd, unintentionally funny foray into strange territory: Florida's Everglades country, where Kenworthy's son-in-law Peter Lindstrom, a State policeman with nasty manners and nasty friends, has been dismissed from the force. All this, however, soon is revealed to be a front. Peter, you see, has the undercover job of infiltrating the drug organization of self-made millionaire Harvey Croft--scourge of three generations of local police chiefs. A sluggish Kenworthy finally realizes, then, that Peter could use his help; and so he eventually makes his way into the heavily guarded Croft complex. A flat, unconvincing imitation of American drug/gang hackwork--complete with supposed mobster-goons who speak in Mayfair accents. (""I shall break your jaw."") Hilton had better send the Super back home where he belongs--pronto--and leave the Florida rough stuff to John D. MacDonald.

Pub Date: Sept. 23rd, 1982
Publisher: St. Martin's