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Pub Date: April 1st, 1960
Publisher: Association Press

Twelve years ago Prof. John C. Bennett of the Union Theological Seminary, wrote most of this book. It has since received wide acceptance and has had a pronounced influence on Christian thinking vis a vis Communism as a faith and as an ideology. But history has done so much to Communism in the past decade that Dr. Bennett has taken a fresh look, -- and though he feels that all he said then should be repeated now for the record, he gives an honest evaluation of the significance of recent developments ""behind the iron curtain"", since Stalin. The more important things to emphasize today, he writes, are the success of the system on its own terms which emphasize science, technology and production, and the relaxation of the worst elements of tyranny. There is also the broadening of the political base of the dictatorship, the passing of the revolutionary generation with its fanatical belief in the Marxist-Leninist ideology, and the emphasis by the Russian people themselves on the improvement of their living standards, and the increase in consumers' goods. He pleads for a much more positive attitude toward Russia as a Communist nation. ""She has paid the price and after 40 years of great suffering is coming out on the other side with gains that we should respect."" He does not say that these considerations should soften our attitude toward Communism and its spread in the world; yet the present rulers of Russia have brought their country out of the darkness of Stalinism, and deserve something better than our continuing assumption that their gains must be our losses. There is much more to be found in this book of abiding significance. It is even more now a ""must"" book for thoughtful Christians who often wonder what their stand as Christians should be. Such a book gives courage to the reader where it is most needed, -- in taking a firm position against the irrational fears, hates and prejudices of the many who would be our political leaders.