U.S. FOREIGN POLICY AND CHRISTIAN ETHICS by John C. & Harvey Seifert Bennett


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That almost half the world's scientists and engineers are employed directly or indirectly in military research and development is one of the more readily understood indices of the problems this book addresses. Like the League of Women Voters and many undergraduate courses, the mainline Protestant churches continue grass roots study of facts and issues in American foreign policy. This book speaks well to this audience. Recent history and current scene are laid out. The need for technical expertise--military, political, economic, and ecological--and the various ethical approaches are laid out with a clarity born of long acquaintance. After the problems, the second half of the book looks at new directions which could lead us out of the present bind--new directions in international organization in rethinking the US role in the world, and in economic affairs, where Karl Barth is quoted ""God always takes his stand on this side (the poor and the oppressed) and on this side alone""--in the course of two chapters which include discussion of life styles and of multinationals. A clear, stimulating, factual book pulling together this set of problems for the lay reader.

Pub Date: Sept. 26th, 1977
Publisher: Westminster