BILLY GRAHAM: The Authorized Biography by John C. Pollock

BILLY GRAHAM: The Authorized Biography

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Mr. Pollock's authorized biography of the powerfully persuasive evangelist who has galvanized millions into making a decision for Christ is about what one would expect an authorized biography of Billy Graham to be. He emerges a sincere, grass roots boy whose life is radically altered when he is called by the Lord and whose commitment is reinforced with each new evangelical success. There is little here of Graham's early life and less about his wife and children. Most of the book concerns Graham's crusades around the world, the pattern always the same; initial scepticism and abuse from doubting Thomases and adversaries, dramatic vicissitudes, the final coming forth of millionaires, statesmen, theatrical people, and just plain folks in response to Billy's plainly stated, virile, no-nonsense Christianity. Since this was meant to be the definitive apologia, there is charitable rebuttal for every charge ever leveled against either the methods or the message of Dr. Graham. It is all quite repetitive and chronically dull. Mr. Pollock has written a very long press puff about a man he obviously admires without reservation, but for those of us with reservations, the unimmersed general reader, there's nothing here, least of all objectivity or depth.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1966
Publisher: McGraw-Hill