OCEANS IN PERIL by John Christopher Fine


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A dedicated ocean enthusiast gives an impassioned, didactic, and disjointed view of perils to the ocean environment. He discusses the destruction of ocean life, the damaging of coral reefs, the hazards of toxic runoff, ocean dumping, deforestation, dredging, the burning of fossil fuels and overbuilding. For the most part, the incidents and conclusions are presented without dates or documentation. Juxtaposition of incidents of different magnitude makes it difficult for the reader to form rational judgments. Fine decries ""young toughs"" who torment zoo animals, and those who hunt whales to extinction, adding that ""Just as cruel is the practice of trapping great sea animals. . .to imprison them in confined aquariums for human entertainment."" Also under attack are aquarium owners, sports fishermen, farmers who spray crops, resort owners who build beaches, and tourists who buy jewelry made of coral. Fine admonishes: ""If. . .the world attitude continues on its greedy, self-interested path, then all humankind will suffer."" In a final chapter, ""Things we can do,"" he urges the reader to join conservation organizations to preserve and develop sea resources. A brief bibliography and list of graduate schools offering programs in ocean science are attached. Index and photos not seen.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1987
Page count: 160pp
Publisher: Atheneum