GOLD OF TOULOUSE by John Clayton
Kirkus Star


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Remember Dew in April which netted a very comfortable sale last year? This book includes some of the same characters -- antedates the other book in time -- and is in no way dependent on it for understanding or interest. (Though the new novel should create a plus sale for the other book. And for another yet to come, which will round out a trilogy). The period is the early 13th century and the warfare between the fanatic, Simon de Montfort, and the unstable ""troubadour culture"" of Provence. In the tradition of Farnol, without the stylized vocabulary of the Farnol romances, Gold of Toulouse is a colorful, dramatic and romantic tale of adventure and love. A good yarn -- though not quite so absorbing nor so original as Dew in April. First rate ""escape reading"" -- and should appeal to men perhaps even more than women.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1935
Publisher: Kendall & Sharp