SCIENCE AND RELIGION by John Clover-Ed Nomsma


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Clergy Meet Scientists"", might read a newspaper headline of today, ""Expected Bloody Battle Ends in Constructive Peace!"" Religion and Science are the antagonists. Since man emerged into consciousness, Religion has been his protagonist. Though it has been challenged by Ignorance, the State and Superstition, no enemy has so nearly conquered as this new-born champion, Science, who rose from the alchemy of the medieval monastery to become the Giant of the Atom. Three years ago forty of our best scientists wrote a symposium on this question of inherent antipathy between their field and that of religion, concluding that they were different faces of the same Divinity. Today, in Science and Religion, a companion volume to The Evidence of God in an expanding Universe twenty-three ""outstanding members of the clergy, Protestant and Catholic, tell how modern science has affected their innermost beliefs"". They, too, conclude that science and religion are but two brilliant facets of the diamond of life. The champion of the literally inspired and inerrant scriptures finds a voice here, but it is not a strident one. This book is not meant for ""popular"" reading, but the thoughtful layman will read it with great profit and assurance that is never easy and superficial. It comes to grips with the problems which confront every man but which no man may resolve alone.

Pub Date: Jan. 15th, 1962
Publisher: Putnam