IN SPITE OF.. A Philosophy for Every Man by John Cowper Powys

IN SPITE OF.. A Philosophy for Every Man

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The author now over 80, has been known in America over many years for his lectures and essays on philosophical and literary subjects. In the present volume he expounds a ""Philosophy of IN SPITE."" by which he means a determination on the part of the individual to enjoy life in spite of all obstacles. His is an urbane point of view spiced with a subtle sense of humor. Some of the obstacles which he would have us overcome in order to enjoy life are ""experts"", ""pride"", ""orthodoxy and heresy"", ""madness"", ""belief"" and ""other people"". Religion is something that had best be ignored completely, if you really want to enjoy life, he maintains. Scarcely a world-shaking book, but a facile exposition of an unsupportable thesis.

Pub Date: Oct. 12th, 1953
Publisher: Philosophical Library