GOOD, GOD AND MAN by John Creasey


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Creasey's Utopia, encapsulated by the famous mystery writer's philosophy of ""Self-ism,"" is basically a derivative system grounded in long range satisfactions for the self, leading to world betterment. Mr. Creasey forages through economics, politics, world survival problems (food, population-control, housing, etc.) with lots of messy little diagrams to prove that ""I can't be all right Jack -- unless you are, too."" Personal responsibility to one's moral, spiritual and physical health benefits everyone. Pull your own weight and thereby tap your innate Goodness, which is after all, God. Mr. Creasey has plans for shared profits in industry, un attack on universal insufficiencies, and ending the Vietnam war. But like most Grand Designs of this scope which rely on Jack's vision pushing beyond his comforting evening stout to affect his daily actions, nobility of purpose does not necessarily encompass the vagaries of human behavior. Creasey's mystery following may fade after one chapter.

Pub Date: July 14th, 1971
Publisher: Walker