SCIENCE YEAR BOOK OF 1943 by John D. ed. Ratoliff
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To me, this annual is one of the best in the field. Perhaps it is because the subject of science is pretty much beyond my ken and and I don't read as I go in the field, an anthology of the best articles that have come out through the year, tracing the advance of science, is the perfect way to get a birdseys view. Not least interesting is the editor's own introductory chapter, with its highlights of the year's discoveries, not covered in the articles he has selected. Of the articles, I, personally, found the section on the progress in medicine the most exciting reading; those on agriculture next. But probably the contributions dealing with aeronautics and allied sciences will be more widely popular. There is, perhaps, less range of subject matter than last year. But it is good reading.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran