THE KING OF TERRORS by John D. Spooner


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Spooner, the ""Brutus"" of Confessions of a Stockbroker and two sassier earlier novels has now written an extortionate adventure about a maverick moneymaker with plastique in his Vuitton attache case. Namely Kirk Abbott who as a youngster had an ambition to ""act like a Hughes, spend like a Getty, imagine like a Hearst"" without anticipating his mangy fat cat streak -- to eliminate like a godfather. Thus he's out to make one killing or another (arranged) as he deals and wheels his way from Greenwich, Connecticut, to Singapore, London, Paris, and this piece of the action not only includes his three million ransom for his United Stores but sudden death in a string of pearls or explosives in Bloomingdale's. Abbott travels in style -- sometimes with more than one name -- usually with women more receptive than his Wellesley-Abercrombie & Fitch wife, and when he says jump, everyone does. But will you refuse to be manipulated? If so, he's hoist by his own grenade since the idea is catchier than a character who's worth no more than a memo in dollar signs.

Pub Date: March 4th, 1975
Publisher: Little, Brown