THE U.S. ECONOMY by John Davenport


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It is all too obviously an enormous subject to attempt to cover in the space of 260 pages; but having remarked upon this; it is only fair to admit that Mr.Davenport has, given his approach, done a very creditable job of discussing the meaning and function of the market, the nature of profit and loss, the problems of the farmer and labor, fiscal and monetary policy, taxes, world trade, the balance of payments puzzle, international investments, and ""the challenge that confronts the United States in seeking to build an international order favorable to private trade."" As an editor of Fortune Magazine, Mr.Davenport speaks for business, and in general for bigger, stronger business and smaller, weaker government. His mood is one of calculated reassurance, with a shrewd sense for the defects in the arguments and proofs of those who speak otherwise. He writes for the layman, with clarity, wit, and urbanity, and even those who disagree should not be surprised to come away with something worth their while.

Publisher: Regnery